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Interactive player

This section discusses Interactive player and which features could be used via player directly.

Interactive player: explore your apps in a new dimension

We’re thrilled to announce our new Interactive player for mobile projects! With this new feature, you’re going to be able to:

  • Inspect an app’s structure, similar to Layout inspector in Android studio or View Debugger in Xcode
  • Replay your user’s sessions in 3D or 2D projection, similar to our already presented Wireframe mode.
  • Thanks to this detailed debug info, you can easily inspect complex view structures

For a better understanding of why you might be interested in our new Interactive player, we’ve also recorded a short presentation to our YouTube channel

So far this feature is available on Android native SDK, however we’ are going to introduce this functionality to iOS and other frameworks very soon –- React nNative and Flutter will be the first.

Apart from data for this Interactive player, SDK will still sends recordings of the app. You can freely switch between those representations via the WEBGL ACTIVE button at the bottom, as can be seen on the screenshot below:

Soon we’re also going to introduce new features like event creation from the interactive player or navigation to funnel directly from the interactive player. Feel free to contact us with your ideas of what you‘d like to see in our new interactive player.